Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Festival Gathering

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Andrew J Cann

Species is delighted to introduce Roscommon based Andrew Cann once more to our line up of visual artists at Species 2016! Andrew is a very dedicated and talented painter primarily working in oils, his finely polished paintings are out of this world! with inspirations in nature and psychedelic transcendence, we were so lucky to have him join us last year for a spot of spooky spontaneous live painting!

Live Painting from Andrew Cann
Andrew working on his mural at Species 2015


An Interview with Andrew Cann

  • Tell us a little about yourself as an artist and your work:

I’m an artist mainly involved in oil painting and sculpture. I tend towards bold colours, natural themes and geometrical patterns and shapes.


X-Ray, oil on canvas.

‘Elemental Resistance’, oil on canvas.

  • How long have you been painting and what drives you to make art?

I’ve been painting for almost ten years now. It started as a hobby but now I paint full time. I’m driven to make art to highlight the complexity and beauty of the natural system, I like to contrast it with structural man-made objects and make alternate realities.

Me, working on ‘An Amy’, in oil on canvas.

  • This was your first time doing a live paint and was a different approach to your oil painting studio practice in terms of scale and medium, What preparations did you do for it?

I did a number of quick preparatory sketches, and then finalized the idea and general layout with a small oil painting. My plan evolved on the day, as the wall had a number of small lumps that I decided to incorporate as slightly 3D mushroom heads.

Compositional preparatory oil painting for Species mural.

  • How did you find the experience of painting with an audience?

I really enjoyed people around to have a chat about the piece, and hear their comments as they walked by.

  • Did you enjoy the different approach?

Yes I thought it was a great learning experience, I underestimated the transition from canvas to wall and wasn’t able to work as fast as I wanted.

  •  What part of Gothic culture captured your imagination for your piece at Species?

Death, decay and transformation.

  • What is your view Gothic culture in Ireland today?

There are a lot of passionate Goths out there!

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed the Performances and the setting. Loved the new painted mural in the Great Hall!

  • Would you like to be involved artistically next year?

Yes that would be excellent! I’m looking forward to it!


More of Andrew Cann’s work can be viewed on his website:


Andrew Cann is on facebook!

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