Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Festival Gathering

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Raven Arts

Introducing our own Leitrim Lolita Brigid Smith of Raven Arts, Brigid is a member of our site crew at Species and has been actively present in the creative conception of many of our artistic installations on site. Brigid a highly creative, talented and self-taught artist with exquisite Gothic tendencies who resides in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim.

Artist Brigid Smith

During the weeks running up to Species, Brigid spent many weeks on site, painting a huge 8 x 16 ft collaborative Mural with resident artist MyfanwyNia. The huge Gothic and psychedelic UV Mural graced the dance floor of the event and was admired by all that partied before it. At night when those UV lights came on the mural helped transform the space into a glowing atmospheric feast for the eyes.

UV Mural detail by Brigid SmithDetail of Brigid Smith’s artwork on the collaborative mural.

Brigid also created some interesting art installations around the site including some ghostly mummified Bratz dolls hung from trees and this creepy painted toadstool cut out in wood:


Toadstool site installation

At the Gothic Market we saw Brigid host to her Creepy ‘Kawaii Noir’ handicraft stall with her latest toy collection:

Creepy handmade toy stall by Brigid Smith at the Gothic Market Cuddly and Creepy toys by Brigid Smith at the gothic MarketKawaii Noir Handmade Toys By Brigid Smith

An Interview with Brigid Smith

  • How long have you been painting and what drives you to make art?

I have been making art my whole life since I was teeny tiny, as long as I can remember, it’s in my nature to do it.

  • You painted a large scale collaborative UV mural with artist MyfanwyNia this was a different approach to your studio practice in terms of scale and medium, tell us a little about these differing processes:
UV Mural colaboration with MyfanwyNia and Brigid Smith

UV Mural colaboration with MyfanwyNia and Brigid Smith

I was exited at the chance to work on an epic size, my imagination went wild when I saw the space primed for painting. Initially I was daunted by my first outline of the image but working alongside another practiced artist made me more confident to just go for it. Seeing the mural at night under the u.v lights after a day of painting was delightful, it comes to life as darkness falls.

  • Tell us a little about the imagery you created and what part of Gothic culture captured your imagination for your piece at Species?

The mural is of two lovers finding each other. A magical crow brings a key to one character, a locket pendant on the other waits to be unlocked. All around them dark patterns bloom and bats take flight. Many tales of gothic interest center around a mysterious romance and looking at these two I’d say they’ve got it going on.

  • What preparations did you do for it?

Digging out my heavy duty apron and brain storming with MyfanwyNia, sketching too.

  • How did you find the experience of painting with collaboratively?

This piece would not have been everything it is without the two of us. Ideas were flowing and I was learning some new techniques to apply to large scale, especially with spray paint. Whenever I would tire I got a fresh burst of energy from seeing my friend working away.

  • The finished piece was very impressive, what was the time scale for a piece this size?

From start to finish it took over a week, working each day well into the night.

  • You also hosted a craft stall at the Gothic Market where we saw your latest collection of ‘Kawaii Noir’ handmade toys; tell us a little about your inspirations for these and the process in making them:

I’m inspired by the notion of little companion creatures, each different and full of character. I collect old and new fabric, buttons and lace to make the critters.

Handmade Companion By Brigid Smith

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

There was artists doing awesome murals all around the festival, walking round and seeing so many pretty pictures appearing on the walls and doors of the site was sweet.

  • Would you like to be involved artistically next year?

Most definitely.


More Artwork from Brigid Smith

Witches Cottage By Brigid Smith

Witches Cottage By Brigid Smith

Pursuit of Rest By Brigid Smith

Pursuit of Rest By Brigid Smith

Disease by Brigid Smith

Disease by Brigid Smith

Blue Delph by Brigid Smith

Blue Delph by Brigid Smith


More of Brigid Smith’s work can be viewed on her Tumblr Blog:

Raven Arts


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