Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Festival Gathering

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Vibrating from the magickal land of oo … emerged a freak of inspirational talent for noises and beats… SPECIES 2016, Gothic Arts and Culture Gathering is horror-fied to welcome back BURDEN a.k.a. Alex Nesbit performing for us with both DJ and live performance sets! With his unique musical collection and a few odd self-made noises from Leitrim’s own homegrown weirdo we heard industrial darkness portrayed in a new dark light…

BurdenBurden at Species 2015

An Interview with Burden

  • Tell us a little about yourself as a musical artist and DJ:

I have always been interested in music. I am originally from Newcastle but now I am older and living in Ireland, I choose to live rurally up mountains high up so I can play my music nice and loud. I started dabbling in DJ’ing and production about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back.

  • You have a unique and intriguing alias ‘Burden’ is there a story behind the name?

I left home pretty early when I was 16 and was couch surfing a lot of the time and I guess I felt like a weight on people a bit of a ‘Burden’.

  • Tell us about the types of music you played at Species:

I mainly played Industrial/ Break-beat stuff with a lot of sample work and classical Break-core.

  • You sets had a dark and industrial presence and featured the identifiable sound of DubStep which isn’t traditionally in the Gothic genre. We witnessed a innovative merging of these sounds as a kind of ‘DarkStep’ Do you feel this sound is something that you would like to do more with in the future?

I feel the music I play goes to two different extremes from really dark to really bouncy. Because of the theme of the event, I found it was nice to indulge in the darkness that I enjoy so much. I feel Dubstep as a genre has really evolved into something new, I listen to mostly underground artists, they have a strong emphasis on Industrial and metal sounds whilst breaking out of the traditional sound incorporating experimental flares.

  • Tell us about some of the other types of music you played at Species

I am currently fixated with classical Break-core, the merger of sweet classical and brutal insanity is so succulent. The definition of the sounds and basses are very accentuated, I am a texture fiend.

BurdenBurden live at Species 2015
  • What part of Gothic culture captured your imagination for your music sets at Species?

Victorian, Waltz, Sheer metal. All good

  • What preparations did you do on the run up to your music sets at species?

Gathering my senses first then running through my extensive music collection, building the set and good old fashioned practice.

  • What is your views Gothic culture in Ireland today?

Plenty o’goths but a serious lack of venues or festivals.

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

I tried to raise the all mighty cthulu from the depths of riliegh.

  • Would you like to be involved musically next year?

I would be delighted, in truth I have already started work for the new set .

I would like to say I will be uploading recorded sets soon.




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