Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Festival Gathering

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DJ Fracture

Coffins can’t contain the energetic dead! If dancing away into the night is what you craved, then even broken bones wouldn’t have stopped you boogie men and women with the diverse and relentless set from a master of the alternative club scene for over 20 years!  Species 2015 was delighted to present DJ Fracture, who brought you Existanz Ireland was call to get us out of our seats! With a dance floor driven set filled with classics, rarities, and exclusives. Our Species Demanded Dance and DJ Fracture was here to deliver!

 DJ FractureDJ Fracture, live at Species 2014

An Interview with DJ Fracture

  •  You have a unique and intriguing alias ‘Fracture’ is there a story behind the name?

Nothing spectacular , fell out of a tree at an after party broke my leg got some pins and a titanium rod in my leg, hence DJ Fracture was born hahaha 😀

  • How long have you been DJ-ing and what drives you to do it?

Over two decades at this point, for me its therapy, its a way for me to escape my daily woes and just get lost in the music and the set, music is food for the soul you know!

  • You also have experience as an Event Manager. Tell us a little about the other types of events you have been involved in:

Ive been fortunate to DJ a lot of the South African circuit in the 90’s and 2000’s before moving to Ireland where ive promoted Soman and Uberbyte live in Cork and DJ’ed Dublins main Alternative nights, also running my own nights in Cork as mentioned, Waterford City and County Wexford.

  • Tell us about the types of music you played at Species:

Anything in the Goth/EBM/Industrial range, you could hear Alien Sex Fiend to Wumpscut, I’m partial to the later sound it must be said…

DJ Fracture

DJ Fracture live at species 2015

  • What preparations did you do on the run up to species?

Not much really, experience got me through it all (I had to buy a tent though)!

  • What part of Gothic culture intrigues you most?

Everything, the Music, Fashion, the dark element about it all, but that pretty much goes for anything Alternative really.

  • What is your views Gothic culture in Ireland today?

Excellent…. if you live in Dublin, outside of that its pretty pathetic hence why ive put on my own nights as I live a good bit away from Dublin with mixed success.

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

The simple fact that it exists!!

  • Would you like to be involved next year?

This really is a silly question……


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