Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Gathering

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DJ Syrinx

Species 2016 was delighted to introduce Kilian Mac Liam aka DJ Syrinx to our Gothic Species family. Killian was born in Dublin and lived there until he was a teenager,  he went to live in London in late 80’s and became involved in the thriving Gothic scene. In the mid nineties he came back to Ireland and started Dj-ing, from there he traveled to live in Australia, playing at many festivals, fetish clubs and hosting a radio show, guesting on others and performing live internationally.  He has now returned to the old country after 18 years overseas. Previously playing under the pseudonym Psy-Baba Kilian is now re-establishing his profession under the name DJ Syrinx . At this years Species we witnessed the emancipation of DJ Syrinx playing a soul shifting mix of dark industrial, Gothic kinky dance and psychedelic oriented beats that certainly whent down a treat in the wee hours of late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, DJ Syrinx was a unique gem among our Gothic and Industrial DJ’s with welcome nods towards the darker side of psy-trance. We look forward to hearing more from DJ Syrinx in the future!



Kilian has had many DJ aliases over the years, and inspired by the songbirds of the Amazon where he spent some time on shamanic journeys with the Shipibo tribe and their ayahuasca sacred medicine tradition, emerges from his latest chrysalis as DJ Syrinx.

Even though his shaking hands were barely able to put the needle on the record, at his first ever gig in Sligo (Sli-goa in Syrinx-ese), Kilian was invited to play Galway Dance Festival. He had left Dublin in his mid teens to seek his fortune in the big smoke of London. While squatting and working there he met a hippie friend who, to the aroma of burning incense and other aromatic herbs, introduced him to the mystical world of India and of Goa with photos of temples, holymen, Hindus and Hindonts,  monkeys, full moon beach parties and tapes with strange electronic music. Intrigued, he and some friends saved and headed off to check it out in the winter of ’89. Upon his return after having his mind blown over there things were never quite the same again. He left London and returned to Ireland to live in a cave. Not finding a suitable cave to plug in his stereo he settled for a thatched cottage (with electricity) in the wild boglands of the west and was there in the early ’90s when the psychedelic outdoor party vibe first swept across Europe. His official debut in Sli-goa led him, via the Galway Dance Festival, to outdoor festivals such as the infamous looney line solstice parties in Tipperary. His wandering spirit re-emerged and he decided to head for Oz and for the trip was given a bunch of tunes by TIP records to play in Australia. 

After many years in several incarnations across different continents Kilian undertook a journey of the spirit deep  into the murky, misty depths of the tropical rainforest in the Amazon, where he was initiated under the guidance of the Shaman into the rituals of the sacred medicine plant Ayahuasca . After his experience on a shamanic path, his mind expanded, his body purified, his spirit was born anew among the Shipibo tribe. Like the totem animal of the tribe the Anaconda snake, he shed the skin of his previous incarnation Psy-baba. 

The power of the ceremonies inspired him to leave behind the old and embrace the new and Syrinx was born, named for and after the vocal chords of the songbirds that were the soundtrack to his journey. He had learned to love and appreciate their songs of joy and of sorrow, that there is no light without darkness, no shadow without light in music as in life. And just as he has learned to flow with the energy of life and lives, Syrinx as DJ adapts to the energy of his crowd, reading their moods and needs, seeing their energy and raising it. He’s played eclectic electro tribal techno at outdoor doofs, dark but funky industrial music in fetish clubs, psychedelic trance in Thailand, India, Indonesia and he has just been asked back to play at the Space Gathering festival in Quebec Canada. More recently he has played at the Steam Punk Time Machine in the Trailer Park at Electric Picnic and the Cuban Havana tent in Body & Soul.

Balancing the light and the dark, Dj Syrinx  guides you to where he knows you need to go.


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