Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Gathering

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Kevin Bohan

An Interview With Kevin Bohan

  • Tell us a little about yourself as a Studio and Street Artist:

    I am a firm believer in the positive effects of personal creative expression no matter what the medium, where you create it and what size doesn’t matter . Producing a creative act is something I try to exercise everyday. I draw most days and always keep a sketchbook nearby (I am up to double figures now in my growing sketchbook collection). My favorite creative activity is to paint large outdoor and commission murals and I have many graffiti/street artist friends whom I enjoy collaborating with and learning from. My main artistic loves are ink drawing, digital illustration, acrylic painting and mixed-media collages – or a mixture of all!

    Drawing by Kevin Bohan


  • How long have you been making art and what drives you to do it?

Definitely a late bloomer, I came to (or came back to) art in my mid-thirties. After leaving school in 1991 I studied Animation Drawing Skills in Ballyfermot College of Art in Ireland. Then somehow in 1993 I stumbled into the printing industry where I worked full-time until 2007. Leaving that behind I returned to my first loves – art & creativity. So the last four or five years have been very full on as I feel I am only developing on the hoof and each piece of work or project or exhibition is a major learning curve for me.

By Kevin Bohan

  • You chose SteamPunk as an Industrial theme for your live paint at Species; tell us a little about the imagery in your painting:


Well two major influences on me from my childhood which would be considered ‘Steampunk’ would be the whole HR Giger/Ridley Scott ‘Alien’ movie, effects, set-design and concept artwork. Also of course Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece ‘Bladerunner’.
I have a stack of 2000AD and Judge Dredd comics in my attic which I read religiously as a teenager and I can only imagine now what influential seeds were planted back then that are slowly coming out.

SteamPunk Inspired Graffiti from Kevin Bohan Art, Work in progress.


  • How did you get into Graffiti? What advice would you give to new artists that would like to get into Graffiti?

In 2008 I was blessed to have been given a little Shih Tzu named Calvin. I lived at Grand Canal Dock at the time and walked Calvin twice a day around the area. I started to notice all the graffiti and street art around the docklands and Windmill Lane. So one day I brought my camera with me and I started documenting all these wonderful scrawls, letters, characters and murals. I did this more or less until 2015 amassing over 32,000 photographs, a website, a FB page and an exhibition in FilmBase, Temple Bar, Dublin called ‘In Dublin’s Fair City’. For any new artists I would recommend trying to develop your own style from the off (easier said then done) and try to find a good group of friends or associates to paint with. It can be a very social thing plus you each share techniques, discoveries and experiences.

Graffiti in Dublin by Kevin Bohan 2015


Red Riding Hood inspired graffiti in Dublin by Kevin Bohan

  • What preparations for your live paint did you do on the run up to species?

    When painting a mural I usually like to prepare mentally. I will develop a concept in my head and dwell on it for a time. I usually paint freestyle just using reference materials such as sketches or photographs but rarely copying meticulously. I feel I am still only learning the basics so I make it up as I go along. Sometimes this can work out really well and other times not so much… but each time is an adventure.

    Live paint Kevin Bohan Art and Loki Nom Art

    Live paint at species 2015 Kevin Bohan Art and Loki Nom Art

  • What part of Gothic & Industrial culture intrigues you most?

    Definitely the more Steampunk art end and the colour black lol. A lot of the music, style, etc would not be for me but each to their own, I am all for creative freedom and expression. I have never been one for dressing flamboyantly or wishing to stand out in a crowd as I am quite shy but I admire people who have style and can show it off.

  • What is your views Gothic and Industrial culture in Ireland today?

    I don’t really know too much about it but I do know quite a few artists who would probably paint quite dark or Gothic works (not wishing to pigeonhole anyone) and some of these would be among my favorite artists that I know personally. A lot of talent and hard work going on out there and it deserves to be seen and appreciated by everyone.

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

    Apart from the weather putting a bit of a dampener on it, the mural painting is always fun and I love collaborating with other artists especially if their style is very different from mine but somehow we can make it work. I also quite enjoyed some of the gigs… very unique and different from what I am used to! The Beatles it wasn’t, but all the better for it.

  • Would you like to be artistically involved next year?
    Definitely! I would love to stay longer this year and paint a massive mural with some of the artists. The rain put a stop to it but if we got a two days of good weather I feel we could put something amazing together.


Kevin Bohan Art is on facebook!




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