Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Festival Gathering

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Late Night Pharmacy

Late Night Pharmacy (Dublin)

New to Species, Species 2017, Gothic & Industrial Arts and Culture Gathering witnessed an amazing performance from the Dublin based band Late night Pharmacy in the Great hall, administering a delicious dose of Alternative rock/post-punk! We caught us with Dave Sera on lead Vocals and bass early 2018 for an exclusive interview about their project.

We are delighted to announce that these creative pharmacists will be joining up again this June bank holiday weekend for Species 2018!

Dave Sera – Lead vocals, bass, Fionn Murray – Guitar, backing vocals, Austin Slevin – Keyboards
Ronan Dikker – Drums.

Here’s a video of Late Night Pharmacy performing “My Favourite Apple”
at Species 2017, Gothic & Industrial Arts and Culture Gathering.

An Inteview With

Late Night Pharmacy’s  Lead Vocalist & Bassist Dave Sera

  • Tell us a little about yourselves as a musical artists living in Dublin:

It certainly feels like a cool time to be creative in Dublin. There’s people doing all sorts. Acting, singing, dancing, filming, writing and printing. You name it. Sometimes I don’t think we understand how creative we really are. It’s definitely one of our great assets in Dublin, but even the whole island. I just wish sometimes that the people going out on a limb to make something special got rewarded more. Just some kind of financial security that says, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s special’.

  • How long have you been making music? How did you get into it? And what drives you to do it?

Oh a good while. I think we’ve all got different stories and backgrounds or whatever but we’ve all been playing a while. Something to do I guess. Kill time before the next Species  😉

  • How did your project ‘Late Night Pharmacy’ come into existence?

Well it just sort of happened. Myself and Fionn had been talking about getting involved in something musically for a while. Plus Fionn had some material left over from an old project called Viktor Grey. That material gave us a vehicle to ride off into the sunset. Fionn’s a great creative driving force to get things moving.

  • Is there a story behind the name ‘Late Night Pharmacy’?

Eh, you’d have to ask Fionn about that. He said it first and it sounded catchy. Or maybe try give it a google.

  • Do you compose all your own music? If so tell us a little about the steps you make within a group dynamic to bring a new track into existence?

I think it very much depends on which song. With some of the Viktor Grey stuff, some of it was already written and ready to go. In other cases there was work to be done in filling the spaces.

  • If you could bring any other elements to your music and/or performance through collaboration across the arts, what would these be?

Spoken word might be something we could do. We’ve already had a bit of spoken word on our EP. There’s a bit of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood in the middle section of Favorite Apple. We’ve toyed with adding in maybe more narrative into our recording like a concept album. And then maybe adding in music video type things along with that. Kind of like a film and music project. Film and music content. Sleep Thieves did a cool horror thing with one of their music videos recently. ‘Is This Ready’, I think it was called. I don’t know, Fionn and I often have loads of crazy ideas that never make it to the final cut. That’s just the way we work. Like there was that sitcom we once wrote.

  • Your music had an alternative rock/post-punk presence. Which artists have been influential to the development of your sound and what aspects of these inspire you most?

Oh lots! Too many! Joy Division is an obvious one, I guess. My Bloody Valentine? Yes, certainly. Interpol is big for Fionn. The Pixies would be a big one for me, but Fionn would have some more on his list. Maybe someone who I believe is underrated and doesn’t get mentioned enough. The Kills. Midnight Boom. What an album!

  • You work collaboratively as a four piece band; do you ever have creative differences? If so how do you work through them?

HA, yes. I think differences can be good sometimes. You just have to keep everything in a positive space so you’re always moving forward. It’s perfectly alright to have differences. Just keep it constructive. Keep the creative process going. Then afterwards chill out and unwind with a beer.

  • What preparations did you do on the run up to your performance at Species?

A lot of rehearsing because we wanted to put on a great show for you guys.

  • Is there any new projects, recordings, events etc coming up or you have recently been involved with that you would like to share with us? Tell us the news!

Eh, well, well, well. We will hopefully get to the recording studio some time in Spring. And then have some lovely new tunes to play for you at Species. Well that’s the plan!

  • What advice would you give to new artists who would like to pursue a career in creating music?

Keep at it. Work hard. And try be smart about what you do. There’s so many opportunities out there at the moment. Oh and keep writing.

  • What is your views Gothic and Industrial culture in Ireland today?

To be honest, and I think Fionn would admit this too, is that we’re probably not as knowledgeable of the Gothic and Industrial scene as we should be. We heard about Species and decided to check you guys out. But from what we’ve seen so far it’s pretty amazing.

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

It’s just such an incredible location. Very often with music, theater or whatever, the setting can be so important. The people were lovely too.

  • you like to be involved musically in Species in the future?

Most definitely! If you’ll have us?



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