Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Gathering

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This 2016 Species was ferociously enthralled in introducing Pethrophia, a five piece progressive/technical Death Metal band from Co. Cork. The band have been actively developing their sound and camaraderie for about three and a half years now, including line up changes and also a name change from the former of MONOLITH.

Frequently gigging across the country, prominently Dublin , Limerick  & Cork, Pethropia have appeared on stages lined up alongside well known touring bands such as Holocausto Cannibal , Basement Torture killing and the Atrocity Exhibit.

They also participate in many juried contests making it to the quarter final of Bloodstock Metal to the Masses as well as the final of the CIT and UCC battle of the bands for 2 years in a row. Recently the band has been inducted into the popular Irish Metal Archive.

By reputation, they are well known for their wild stage presence, intricate musical arrangements and dynamic riffs. Species 2016 was not disappointed, following a mind boggling brilliant performance of what has been described as “Pure SWEET Metal” with shining feedback all-round of the bands uninhibited stage presence and excellence of sound.

27439276292_84a4f9242c_zPethrophia Live at Species 2016






Overdrive Review

Pethrophia are a madcap bunch of headers from Cork. New to the Metal 2 The Masses scene, their dedication cannot be questioned. Their opening song ‘Anal Circumference’ draws a bit of raised eyebrows around the room, followed by a hearty laugh, followed by a circle pit. Maniacal singer Chris rocks his socks off in front of everyone, gyrating provocatively and repeatedly shouting in Spanish (?). Their lead guitarist though, is a different fucking animal completely. The third song of their set-list combines sweep-picking with tapping licks on a massive solo. It would make Joe Satriani’s hair stand on end (if he had any, but since he doesn’t, it’ll never happen. Satch, you’re safe enough!). I think at one point Chris jumps off the stage and rugby tackles a punter in the middle of one of the mosh-pits. It’s hard to tell because there are so many people around and I’m not the biggest guy in the room. Progressive thrash would best define their style but it’s infused with primal ferocity. I don’t really know how else to explain it.


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