Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Gathering

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The Nihilist

The serenity that disrupted with our fiendishly foul weekend of darkness in the beautiful mountains of Leitrim has just gotten even more incessant! We were ‘freek-ed out’ being bystanders of a live performance from one of the monikers of Dublin based producer and Dj, Cathal O’Grady AKA “Crabby” … The Nihilist who performed at this years Species 2016! Notorious for his blisteringly heavy hardware live act, The Nihilist created a sonic experience with an uncompromisingly dark and hard industrial electronica live arrangement of noises, ranging from ambient, industrial, techno, and breakcore, to death metal, electro, and acid with a smattering of giallo and horror-movie samples added into the mix… his sound could perhaps be described as a dark, abstract sonic torrent that hurtles the listener towards a vision of some unknowable, dystopian future… We Creep out from our tented caves and treated ourselves to this bizarre performance from our ever growing array of glorious darkness!

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