Ireland's Premiere Annual Gothic & Industrial Festival Gathering

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We were delighted to introduce Roscommon based Vanessa ‘Miho’ Cann to our line up of visual artists at Species!

On the run up to Species 2015 Miho created a flock of Origami bats and installed them to the ceiling of the main stage, each one carefully folded, they cast beautifully atmospheric shadows on the walls when the lights came on at night. Miho also joined us for a spot of spontaneous live painting!


Vanessa Cann’s Origami bat installation
Miho live at Species

An Interview with Miho

  • Tell us a little about yourself as an artist and your work.

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums including glass painting, sculptures, watercolors , origami and pencil drawings. I think my work is very inspired in Asian and Western legends and tales,the Supernatural and Natural are element that are always involved.

Watercolour by Miho
  • How long have you been making art and what drives you to make art?

It is hard to remember when I started to make art, I think I have always had an interest, my favorite toys when I was a kid were stationary supplies and I could just sit there for hours making different things. I always loved drawing manga style characters as well.

Watercolour by Miho
  • You made a fantastic installation of origami flappy bats for Species, tell us a little about the process and your cultural connections to the craft.

Origami is so much fun! I love the fact you can do almost anything with a piece of folded paper. I am half Brazilian and half Japanese, when I was growing up , my granny would always buy me Origami books at the Japanese district in Sao Paulo. The process is not difficult once you refine the actual shape you want, and than you just need to repeat it. I think I ended up making 60 of the big bats. and 30 of the small ones.

Vanessa Cann's flappy bats

Vanessa Cann’s flappy bats

  • What were the challenges of installing the bats onto the high ceilings of the Great Hall?

Well, there were a lot of challenges when we were trying to install them in the middle of the night with see through fishing line…hehe , I got tangled a few times, so we waited until morning and with the help of a good big ladder, everything ran smoothly.

  • What parts of the installation were you most pleased with?

I liked the way the light hit the installation and cast nice shadows around the Great Hall, I was very pleased with their positioning as well.

  • You also are currently making an illustration book of your self-created fantasy worlds. Tell us a little about that project:

Yes, this is a project I have been developing and maturing for almost 2 years now. I have been creating tales about this world called ‘Miradin’ and together with these tales I am doing watercolors of some scenes. It is a lot of fun but i know it will take me a good few years to finish it, I hope to try to publish it.

Watercolour by Miho


Watercolour by Miho
  • Tell us a little about your mural you painted at Species:

I decided to paint a wizard with a very long purple beard, I’ve been thinking about the background and how to blend it with the rest of the mural.

  • How did you find the experience of painting with an audience?

It was very nice, I really enjoyed chatting to people while painting.

  • What part of Gothic culture intrigues you most?

The alternative beauty that Gothic art and culture brings to our society.

  • What is your views Gothic culture in Ireland today?

There are lots of people interested and looking for events like this.

  • What parts of Species did you enjoy most?

The people, the music, the food… everything!

  • Would you like to be involved artistically next year?

Most definitely đŸ™‚


Miho is on facebook!

Click LIKE below to follow his page to get a dose of his unique eye candy!



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